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​Mashu Bus Sauna

Looks like a bus, but inside is a real wood-fired sauna




Teshikaga Town is located in the Kushiro area of Hokkaido, surrounded by nature such as Lake Kussharo, Lake Mashu, and Mt. Io.

A pale Mashu blue bus is parked at "TESHIKAGA HOSTEL MISATO," a place of relaxation for travelers and local residents in the center of the town.

When you open the door of the bus, you will find a full-fledged sauna with a wood-burning stove filled with the scent of medicinal herbs and cypress.

Take an extraordinary trip in a sauna like bus in the pale green in summer and in the white snowfield in winter.

sauna bucket

We want to increase the number of people in the world who are always in a good mood.

“Feeling like you are tied to something”

“Vague anxiety about the future”

We have created a wonderful sauna where you can relieve yourself from the stress of everyday life.


We use original organic herbal water for loyly, and your whole body will be enveloped in the aroma and steam.The sauna room has a built-in speaker, which has a soothing effect.Healing music sounds.

This sauna is a kind of art experience.



​Mashu Bus Sauna Features



Looks like a bus
but inside is a real wood-fired sauna

A bench shaped in a gentle curve welcomes you. We use herbal water boiled from carefully selected Ezo herbs for loyly. These herbs are carefully grown at the herb farm "Fattoria Ricco" without using pesticides or organic fertilizers.

If you sit near the stones, the temperature will exceed 100 degrees Celsius, and if you lie on the bench, you will gradually warm up from the core of your body.

Find your own unique way to enjoy it in your favorite position and at your favorite temperature.



Milk tank water bath

Teshikaga Town is rich in crystal clear natural water known as Mashu Blue, including Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo, which boast the clearest water in Japan.

We have plenty of Teshikaga water with no impurities in our 1200L dairy milk tank.


The kinky cold milk tank water bath and the vast nature of Hokkaido that can be seen from there lead you in a straight line to Totonoi



​Shower surrounded by sound

Even after the sauna, water bath, and outdoor air bath, the Totonoi is not over yet.The large shower head has 60 jets, and the vigorous stream of water completely covers your body.


The shower head has a high quality sound speaker built in, so you can feel the "sound" as you bathe. It is a totally new sauna experience from your ears as well.


Bus sauna introduction


The Mashu Bus Sauna is situated on the eastern side of Hokkaido, in the charming town of Teshikaga. This area is renowned for its rich natural beauty, featuring landmarks such as Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu, and is encompassed within the Akan Mashu National Park. Below are five steps to fully enjoy your experience at the Mashu Bus Sauna.



Sauna information

Seating capacity
Sauna room temperature
Water bath temperature

:Maximum 6 people
:90 degrees ~ 100 degrees
:10 degrees to 15 degrees
:Dry sauna

Sauna information bottom.png


​Usage fee

●Sauna use (2 hours)

Basic plan: 3,300 yen (tax included)/person
Private use 19,800yen (tax included)/group

*Due to changes to winter business hours, we are not accepting reservations in November.



Included in Service

What's included

Microbus free icon material 1.png

Bus sauna

Yoga mat icon 3.png

Sauna mat

Director chair icon material.png

Totonoi chair

Bathtub icon.png

​Milk tank water bath

Shower icon 2.png

Shower use

Option Service


Inside the towel.png

​Large towel
Rental  +550 yen

Large towel.png

​Small towel
​Rental +220 yen

Large towel.png
Inside the towel.png

Towel set
​Rental +660 yen

Mexican icon 3.png

Sauna poncho
Rental  +660 yen

Bikini icon 2.png

Rental  +330 yen

Mexican icon 3.png
Large towel.png
Bikini icon 2.png
Inside the towel.png

​All set
Rental  +1100 yen

Sauna poncho
Rental  +660 yen


Opening hours

Opening hour

●Winter period (December 2023 to March 2024) Open for private reservations only on limited dates and times




​With the sauna,

Enjoy seasonal experiences.




​There is a Mashu bus sauna on the premises of "TESHIKAGA HOSTEL MISATO".
Please use "TESHIKAGA HOSTEL MISATO" as a base for your stay in Teshikaga.

2-11-1 Misato, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido 088-3215

After flying from each airport to Memanbetsu Airport. It takes about 1 hour to get to Mashu Bus Sauna by car.



About Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido

Teshikaga, Hokkaido is a town located at the uppermost reaches of the Kushiro River, and is famous for its vast nature and highly transparent Lake Mashu.

There are also hot springs around Teshikaga, and Kawayu Onsen is so high quality that you can enjoy the quality of the hot springs, which has been declared a ``100% free-flowing source''.


In the great nature of Hokkaido

​Surroundedland, Teshikaga Town.

It is one of the towns that is currently attracting attention, as it is actively engaged in experiential tourism such as canoeing and the Lake Mashu Star Journey.

It has also been an agricultural town since ancient times, producing dairy cows and beef cattle, as well as agricultural products such as wheat, potatoes, Mashu soba, and Mashu melons, as well as mango production using hot spring heat. You can also enjoy high-quality agricultural products such as ``'' and ``strawberries.''

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